About us

Together from the bottom of our hearts for the harmony of a community connected with the nature! Join us!

Each member of our association had the chance to be born at the Hasmas mountains feet, a place of an astonishing beauty, hard to be described in words, a place which we float in a firmly goal and wish for protection, as we are part of the surrounding nature that establishes the house of Hasmas’s souls. We are eager to rub the love for the nature into the hearts of each one who follows our amazing home’s paths.

We are an enthusiastic group of young people, with a strong wish of fulfilling the grievances previously mentioned, creating an inheritance for the generations that believe in our vision and join us into a no height/ limit skyscraper building, contributing to this ether’s development with the necessary materials

Our mission is to mix in the same bowl the nature, good health, the love of native places and the continuity creed and to shape thinking patterns that can bring more value to our community in local, county, national, and international level. “The change begins with you!”

Who we are?

The EcoSportive Association "The Soul of Hasmas" has its roots at the foot of the Hasmas Mountains, in the small town named Balan.

We have about 70 active volunteers, aged 15 to 35, enthusiastic, with a free spirit, energy and compassion for the comunity in wich they live, eager to contribute to its improvement, thirsty for personal development, under the guidance of 12 young leaders, always open to new challanges, with diverse professional backgrounds, adding in the great basket of development, their capacities, devotion and desire to make good things for people, the town and the surrounding environment.

The association is a private non-patrimonial legal entity constituted in order to organise information/ promotion activities, technical and fiancial assistance, trainings, monitoring, advertising, volunteering, participating in the following fields: ecology, sports, tourism, public administration, social, cultural, educational, health, energy, research and development, youth, European integration, environmental protection, human rights, international relations and in all social activities in civic and legislative initiatives, trough programs and projects.

Our main desire, wich is daily in our hearts and minds, is DEVELOPMENT, of the town of Balan, his comunity, our personal, always ready to add a plus to the dear place, having a close connection with the things surrounding our homes, with the Hasmas Mountains and all the gifts that nature has gave us by lifting these Massive mountains so deeply embedded in our hearts.

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