Who we are?

The EcoSportive Association "The Soul of Hasmas" has its roots at the foot of the Hasmas Mountains, in the small town named Balan.

We have about 70 active volunteers, aged 15 to 35, enthusiastic, with a free spirit, energy and compassion for the comunity in wich they live, eager to contribute to its improvement, thirsty for personal development, under the guidance of 12 young leaders, always open to new challanges, with diverse professional backgrounds, adding in the great basket of development, their capacities, devotion and desire to make good things for people, the town and the surrounding environment.


The association is a private non-patrimonial legal entity constituted in order to organise information/ promotion activities, technical and fiancial assistance, trainings, monitoring, advertising, volunteering, participating in the following fields: ecology, sports, tourism, public administration, social, cultural, educational, health, energy, research and development, youth, European integration, environmental protection, human rights, international relations and in all social activities in civic and legislative initiatives, trough programs and projects.

Our main desire, wich is daily in our hearts and minds, is DEVELOPMENT, of the town of Balan, his comunity, our personal, always ready to add a plus to the dear place, having a close connection with the things surrounding our homes, with the Hasmas Mountains and all the gifts that nature has gave us by lifting these Massive mountains so deeply embedded in our hearts.

Our Volunteers

I'm Anghel Malina, 17 years old.

Since I'm one of the first members of this organisation I was able to observe changes of character, ideology throughout the people and the town with it.

Throughout the years, seeing the multitude of issues on the global scale I have started to make the connections and realised that every major problem has its roots locally in the mind of the people.

As a consequence of this, and the driven thrust to model the world I'm living in, I tend to take responsibility and hate the indifference. I choose the common way the other members of the association did.

A representative saying appropriate for us it would be: "...if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor." -Desmond Tutu

Hi, I'm Marc Ciobanu, 15 years old and a member of the association. I've joined the group because living in a small town as ours provides limited possibilities and throughout the association, I'm able to participate in a variety of activities and engage with others.

About me:
I'm a real adventurer, love to climb the mountains, read, explore art, and photography. I love to spend my free time in the dance room and mountains.

Most likely you are new around here and wondering what kind of people are hiding behind this association. Alright, I'll present myself then: I'm Haineala Delia, 15, dog lover and I'm a person with a sense of humor. I love to read, listen to music, watch serials, and go out with friends in my free time.

Throughout the association, I've met new people and went to places that I wouldn't be able to do on my own. I'm happy that on those occasions I was surrounded by great people volunteers of ours.

Hello, I'm Maura Irimia, 18 years old, and I am a member of this association because during the activities here at AESH I've realized that I have the opportunity to develop a latitude of abilities( to become a better communicator, to work in a team) which would help me in the future.

Hi! I am Irimia Narcisa.
I am a member of the EcoSportive Association "The Soul of Hasmas" because I want to learn as many things as possible which can help me in the feature.

I do like to socialise a lot and this is why I have decided to be a part of this group. However, I do regret not doing this earlier.

Hello. I'm Gabor Dragomir.

I am 17 years old, clubby,  funny, and serious when needed. I like to make new friends, and Yes I'm having my own 'head' issues like anybody else.

I do love sports activities such: soccer, table tennis, and sometimes basketball, but I would try any other related sports activities too. I do like doing new things, to help, working in a team. I believe that through this association Ill bound friendships for life.

I do care of Balan and this is why I'm part of this organization. 

Hi, I am Larisa Stratulat.

I am 16 and a member of the AESH. I chose to become a volunteer because I want to spend my free time within the community I live in. I love to travel and meet new people. I think that being a volunteer will help me achieve these things of mine.

Hi, I am Rata Bogdan-Gabriel.

I'm 18 and a volunteer. I do like to participate in activities that make our town a little bit more beautiful.

Everything I do its a pleasure. Lately, I've learned from our community members that until we communicate and work together nothing is to realize.

Hi, I am Razvan.

I'm 15, and I do spend my free time with my friends and nature where I can breathe some fresh air. I'm a pretty open-minded individual and integrate pretty fast in a new group. I've joined AESH to develop new skills and benefit its advantages.

Hi, I'm Marius.

I have volunteered because cooking and photography are my hobbies and being able to practice these two things while on the way with the organisation its a blessing for me.

The inhabitants of our town need to understand that change begins with them and they have to act quickly.

This change is necessary to maintain what has been left and not to let it get wasted completely. 

Hi, I am Raluca Handoca.

I'm 22 and joined the organisation from my birth :), in fact as of 2015. My parents encouraged me to protect nature, to do good things and share this with others.  I'm happy every single time when I have to volunteer. It makes me happy to see people coming from different age groups where the common driving direction is the good of the community.

I declare from my bottom of my heart that AESH represents home for me. Sweet home!

Hi, I am Turcanu Roxana-Andreea.

I'm 19 and always wanted to join an organization like this. Helping needy people, creating something better is what I enjoy doing. Being part of AESH gives me the opportunity to practice these things. In my free time, I do listen to music and work out to get fitter.

Hello, I am Pintilie Cristina.

I'm 16 and joined the organization with a change in mind. I want to change the mentality and generally the betterness of the town.

I've realized that if we from the organization get involved and change things into better other people will join doing the same becoming a bigger, stronger team. This way we can prove that together we can even move the mountains.

Halli Hallo, I am Kovacs Eduard.

I chose to be part of this association because I wanted to be more open and communicative with people, which did happen fast.

I'm happy that now we can change things in this small town of ours thought by others to be dead. Ive learned that every single one of us can be a change if wanted.

I am happy with the realized changes already and I do hope for more. I do thank you for that.

Hello, stranger!

You might be wondering who is this handsome looking guy in the picture. The answer to this is very simple: Balint Norbert, my friends call me Balint. I'm 18 years old, and a member of the association.

Why I have volunteered? As we all good know our small town situation is not the best. I and the others participating in different activities are trying to make a better town for all of us. Having fun its something that I love. The association gives me the fun I need.

As a summary I would like to tell a bad joke: This year I will take a serious exam step in my life.

Hi, I'm Diac Renata. I chose to be a volunteer because we are living in a small town where possibilities to make something beautiful and beneficial to this place and ourselves are limited.

Volunteering helped me get involved in different activities and discussions where I've met wonderful people and developed new abilities. It was a mind-opening experience for me to realize that the size of the town does not matter if you find the right people who want the same thing you want, change.


I'm Haineala Larisa, 15 and a volunteer. Why did I choose to be a volunteer? because I was always delighted by the idea that a change is necessary and can be done by people like us. The most important thing out of all is that we do this with pleasure and fun. I can say that the association helped us to brighten our horizons, work in a team, and accept each other, so if you want to participate in activities like this than join us.

Hey there, I am Haineala Malina.

I'm almost one of the first volunteers with this organization. I choose to be a volunteer and especially a soul Hasmas volunteer because I wanted to be part of the change and obviously because an organization like this one needs beauties like myself :) .

From the beginning, the combination of useful and pleasure went alongside really good so while we are doing something good we have fun too.

Hi, I am Pal Oana.

I am 16 years old, a member of the AESH. I have decided to join the association because I am communicative, I love to be surrounded by people and to be part of activities which involve communicating with people. I want to do something for my town.

Hello, I am Olteanu Vasile.

I am 17 and I have volunteered the association to give me the support I need to carry out the activities and the necessary engagement with the community. I have found the moral support I needed within this organization. I have developed abilities and got new friends which I did not have before.

They call me Ked or Bobita, I do live in this small town called Balan and I am 15.

I am a normal kid as anybody else, I do mind my business, I am not getting into fights without any reason. I do respect fellows who respect me too. I am trying to protect nature as much as I can since I do love nature. I do love to socialize with people around me and to make new friends.

This made me join the organization. In my free time I am playing games on my PC, and going out with my friends. I must say that I do love Geography since I'm passionate about nature and the places that I want to visit. I hope I did not bore you to death with the details description of mine. #imipasadeBalan

Heelloo, I am Vitelariu Manuela.

I am 14, joined the AESH because I wanted to try new things. Unfortunately in our little town other than the beautiful landscape view, we can't do too much so, me joining AESH allowed me to be part of the community and take part in the activities and get involved.

Hello I am Stratulat Bianca.

I am 16 and a member of the AESH. I chose to be a member of this organisation since our little town it's not so developed, and we the members of this association can help it. I love to travel and through the volunteer work of mine, I will be able to visit places in Balan and Romania that I haven't seen before.


I am Vrabie Amalia, 16 and I chose to get involved with this organisation for around a year ago.

The organisation helped me find new friends, be open-minded, speak up and let others hear my voice and because time is so precious I chose to be with you all.

We do hear it from time to time that for a change we need to act, you can't wait for others you have to act to have a change.

Getting involved as a volunteer you can have the change you want.

So if you want to get new friends and get involved with our town life please come and join us, we are waiting for you.

Hello, I am Moisa Radu, 17 and I'm proud to be part of the AESH.

As a volunteer, I do love to help with what I can and I do it with pleasure for the town and the people living in it.

Here I have realized that you don't have to have a magic power to change things, but rather simple people like you and I do change things.

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