Alearga Hasmasii v3.0


12 October 2019
Balan, Harghita

We look back and remember how we managed to gather people from all corners - volunteers, partners, sponsors, runners - and together with our association’s volunteers, we wrote a new story, Alearga Hasmasii v3.0.

This year the expenses were a bit higher than the budget, but we are glad that our mountains were ran with enthusiasm and happiness, that we continued our contribution to the environment and we promoted projects and activities of passionate and involved people. All this gives us the motivation to organize a better v4.0.

We would also like to mention our sponsors:

DJST - they have been a very important financial support since the first edition

Bălan City Hall - always happy to support any events that involve the local community

“Colina Hășmașului” restaurant - we are lucky to have their help whenever we need it

Composesorat Sândominic - we were pleased to receive a positive and encouraging response and we are grateful for their support

112 Coffee - a team of passionate people, we are happy we met them and that they decided to join us. Go visit them if you are passing by Tg Mures.

RomSilva - they helped us to spread the idea of ​​#plantatree and give each participant the opportunity to contribute to the environment

Decathlon - for the second year they responded and helped us energize the runners

Csíki Sör - for the first time present at our event, to the delight of our participants and volunteers

Har-Core Media Advertising - a new start-up in Bălan, thank you for your involvement and all the effort

When people get together to run, they also talk and learn, and eventually, they start solving problems.


Dear participants and volunteers,
Thank you for choosing to be part of our autumn story for the third time in a row. From year to year we meet interesting people, we develop new friendships, and we are happy to have participants who run the Hasmas mountains from the first edition. We are lucky enough to have with us the most amazing group of volunteers, to learn learn from our mistakes together and strive to become better every year.
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