Alearga Hasmasii


Music plays at the start line, everybody is doing their warm-up routine, the atmosphere is pleasant, you are feeling motivated. The countdown starts: “3, 2, 1!” and you go. Not too long after, you see in front of you the first serious climb. Your breathing accelerates, your body demands more oxygen for maintaining it’s metabolic effort. A little more until you reach the first supply station, the trail leaves the forest and enters a clearing, it’s beautiful, but the climb in front of you still needs to be climbed, it’s hard, you climb slowly, to the right you notice some rock faces that unveil themselves more with each step you take. It’s Piatra Singuratică(The Lonely Stone), you stop at the supply station, the water is refreshing, the snacks replenish your energy stores. You stay a minute more to catch your breath and then head on, towards Hășmașul Mare, the trail feels easier, you tell yourself: “This is not to bad!”, you don’t get to enjoy your new accelerated pace for too long, another hard climb ahead, your morale takes a hit, you ask yourself: “Why do I run?”, you continue the trail, it’s getting harder and harder and you know there is a long way to go until the finish line. You have a couple of tens of meters until you reach the summit, you hear someone shouting “Come on, great job, just a little bit more!”, you reach the summit, you exchange a coupe of pleasantries with the volunteers posted there, you turn your gaze in the direction from which you came and in that moment, you remember: “This is why!”.

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