The two trails are mostly along the same paths with one notable difference: on the Big Trail, after you reach the refill point at Piatra Singuratică, you will need to make the climb to  Hășmașul Mare peak and back again.

Turn by turn directions:

  • starting from the town center and continue north along the main street until the 1 Decembrie Pârâul Fierarilor crossroads(this marks the begining of Balan-Piatra Singuratica touristic trail marked with the blue stripe).
  • turn right on Pârâul Fierarilor street head upwards until the stone bridge.
  • head into the forest on the marked path(blue stripe marking) and follow it until you reach Piatra Singuratica cabin.
  • follow along the path that leads behind the cabin until you reach the refill point.

If you are on the Big Trail(ignore these points if you are on the Small Trail):

  • head north following the red stripe path until you reach the red dot marking.
  • follow the red dot until Hășmașul Mare peak.
  • return on the same path to the Piatra Singuratica refill point.
  • head south on the red stripe path crossing Hășmașul Mic and Tarcău until you reach Pasul Dracului.
  • follow the road to the west until the next refill point on Tarcaului street.
  • cross the main road and climb the western slope until you reach the road on the peak plateau.
  • follow the road until you see the sign that points in the direction of the town.
  • descend on the path that leads down in the town.
  • cross the finish line.

Both trails will be marked with very visible and specific markers that will represent the actual paths of the competitions and need to be followed if one wishes to be eligible for being declared a finisher of the Aleargă Hășmașii Trail Race. The turn by turn directions need to be regarded as general information about the trails.

Tura Mare (Big Trail) ~26km - Total elevation gain: 1650m

Tura Mică (Small Trail) ~19km - Total elevation gain: 1305m

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