The trails start/end in the town center, near the Comunity Center then climb towards the Hășmaș Mountains. Running along them, you'll visit, among others, Piatra Singuratică, Hășmașul Mare, Poiana Albă, Tarcău, Revendica. Those who choose to compete in TuraMare will also get to enjoy Hășmașul Mic, Trei Fântâni village, the Trei Fântâni karst spring and the east part of Poiana Albă.

The tracks run along marked and unmarket paths, forest roards, steep climbs and technical sectors. The highest points are Hășmașul Mare peak(1792m) and Fratele(Piatra Ascuțită - Ecsem) peak( 1707m).

Regardless of the trail you'll choose, you'll be rewarded with  stunning vistas and picturescque scenery, as last year's participants well know.

LongTrail (Marathon)

Length ~43km
Elevation 2640m
Time limit

  • 8 hours at Canton (34.4km). After 5p.m., competitors will not be allowed to continue the route but will be directed to Balan on the forest road.
  • 10.5 hours - Finish

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ShortTrail (HalfMarathon):

Lengh: ~22km
Elevation 1540m
Time limit

  • 6 hours - Finish

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