Tura Mică

ShortTrail (HalfMarathon):

Lengh: ~22km
Elevation 1540m
Time limit 6h - Finish

Turn by turn direction

  • start from the town center and continue north along the main road until the crossroads 1 Decembrie and Pârâul Fierarilor  streets(this is where the National Park trail Bălan - Piatra Singuratică marking starts, the blue stripe)
  • km 0.4 - turn right on Pârâul Fierarilor street and continue until the stone bridge
  • km 1.3 - continue oward, on the marked trail until Piatra Singuratică cabin.
  • the track goes around the back of the cabin.
  • km 4.4 - continue along the red stripe trail towards Hășmașul Mare
  • km 6.5 - turn left on the red dot trail towards the Hășmașul Mare Peak.
  • descend on the Hășmașul Mare ridge until you reach Poiana Albă
  • km 9.3 - start descending, passing along Piatra Roșie(on the left side) 
  • km 12.7 - turn left, towards lake Mesteacănul  
  • km 14 - turn right, upward towards Piatra Scrisă 
  • km 16.5 - turn left, towards Revendica  
  • km 21 - turn left, descend towards Bălan  
  • km 22.3 - once at the main road, turn left and cross the finish line 


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